We all experience periods in our life that are stressful or worrying which we manage on our own or supported by family and friends. Until we can’t.

Sometimes things get on top of us and our internal resources run low. Sometimes, our usual ways of coping no longer work for us.

Counselling can offer:

·  extra support during a crisis such as a relationship breakdown, pregnancy, or other major transition.

·  an unbiased perspective to help you work through past or present anxieties, feelings and thoughts

·  help to understand a general feeling of stress or worry that you find hard to let go of

·  the opportunity to learn more about yourself in order to get more out of life.

​​Life is busy and it can be hard to take stock of all that is going on. I will help you understand what is happening for you, assess, and make positive choices and actions. I also help clients identify techniques to better manage the tough stuff.

Some typical issues I have helped clients work through are:
• Anxiety and worry

• Poor body image
• Depression and low-mood
• Ante and Post-natal issues
• Relationship difficulties
• Bereavement/loss
• Low self-esteem

• Work-related stress


I am passionate about mental well-being and believe this is achieved by working towards balance, not perfection.

I work with clients experiencing stress and anxiety and I have particular experience in working with perinatal mental health, body image and relationship issues.

With a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling, I have been counselling clients in London and Perth on a wide range of issues since 2007. I am an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Research shows that working with the right counsellor is the best indicator of how much you will get out of therapy so I offer a free telephone consultation to answer your questions and see if we would work well together. 


0466 686 161

9a, 248 Leach Highway, Myaree, 6154
Based at Pilates Fitness Institute, entrance on Norma Road