Individual Counselling

If you are interested in counselling, we will meet for an assessment session so that I can understand a little about you and the issues you are bringing.

Some people don't know why they are seeking counselling, they just know they are unhappy. If this is the case, we will use your assessment session to try to clarify what you are looking to get out of counselling.

If I feel that I can help you, and you would like to work with me, we would commence a block of six sessions in which we would agree what you want to get out of counselling.

At the end of six sessions which usually take place once a week, we will review our work and discuss whether or not you will benefit from further sessions. I work both short-term and long-term depending on what we agree is best for you.

If after an initial assessment I feel I am unable to help you, I will offer alternative suggestions to individuals or services who can support you more appropriately.

How each session works depends on the client and the issues being discussed. Where appropriate, I may set a task for you to think about between sessions, or I may ask you to keep a journal. 

I want you to get value from our sessions and I will work with you to ensure you feel you are progressing towards your goals.

Couple Counselling

This process works in a similar way to individual counselling however sessions are slightly longer and depending on the couple, they may take place fortnightly rather than weekly to allow time for the couple to process and work on particular tasks assigned.